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Official Member of the Swiss National Funeral Services Association, for a funeral service that is fair, serious and honest as a counselor and accompanist to the bereaved families.

Contact us to order your memorial diamonds from ashes in Lonité’s US branch office in Buffalo, NY.

Cremation Diamonds from Ashes

  1    Swiss LONITÉ can turn your loved ones' ashes or hair into memorial diamonds.

Turn the cremation ashes of your loved one into memorial diamonds. Now available to order in the U.S. and Canada.

  2   Our ashes to diamonds service is available at our Buffalo office in New York.

  3   To order cremation diamonds from ashes in the United States, call us at +1 888-794-6093

For more information about LONITÉ cremation diamonds in the US, download our catalogue here below.

Ashes to Diamonds
From Switzerland

A Brilliant Diamond in Memory of a Brilliant Life

Technical Procedures

From Ashes to Cremation Diamonds: LONITÉ's Laboratory and Process

Cremation Diamonds Technology

A diamond is in fact crystallized carbon. Carbon (C) accounts for 18% of any animals’ bodies, which makes turning ashes into cremation diamonds possible.

Natural diamonds grow in an environment of extreme pressure and high temperature deep in the earth's mantle over millions of years.

At LONITÉ, we recreate these high-pressure and high-temperatures natural environments in our laboratory over a period of 9 to 12 months (1 ct).

To turn ashes or hair into diamonds, below ashes amounts are required.

Ashes/Hair Amount

To inquire the order process in the U.S., please call us at 888-794-6093 or email us at

8 oz / 200 g

​Cremation ashes

oz (ounces) / g (grams)

10 oz / 300 g

Cremated bones

0.4 oz / 10 g


Time - From Start to Finish

It takes an average of 10 months to turn ashes into a one-carat diamond. The actual time of each diamond is dependent upon the size ordered (normally 5-18 months).

Optional GIA or IGI certification, jewelry setting, and laser inscription services are offered at extra cost where it takes an extra 1 or 2 months for each service chosen.

Turn your loved ones' ashes into diamonds

Steps to Place an Order:

  1   Fill in the Order Form.

  2   Send the ashes to LONITÉ.

  3   Pay 50% as a deposit.


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LONITÉ Memorial Diamonds

Trusted Worldwide

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Discover our exquisite collection of Cremation Jewelry, featuring rings, pendants, and earrings. Select from a wide array of unique designs, or create your very own custom piece, allowing you to carry your precious ash diamond with you, always.

from 0.25 carat


Naturally Amber™

from 0.25 carat


Greenish Yellow

from 0.25 carat



from 0.25 carat



from 0.25 carat



from 0.25 carat



from 0.25 carat


Purely Colourless™

Color options for ash diamonds USA

Cremation Diamond Colors

The "Naturally Amber" color in our cremation diamonds comes from the presence of Nitrogen.

The presence of Boron in the ashes will turn the diamond into a blue color.

If our lab removes both nitrogen and boron from the ashes, cremation diamonds will become colorless.

Size demo

Carat (reference diameter)