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Cremation Diamonds from Ashes and Hair​

The human body contains 18% carbon. Diamonds are pure carbon. LONITÉ cremation diamonds are made of purified carbon from hair, cremated bones, or cremation ashes.​

Cremation diamonds are GIA/IGI certified to be genuine diamonds.

The only difference between natural diamonds and LONITÉ cremation diamonds is their origin: the carbon atoms of cremation diamonds are from the cremated remains instead of minerals found underground.

​9 months on average


50% + 50%

Payment terms

$1400 (.25 ct) - $40500 (3 ct)


200g ashes/10g Hair

Ashes amount

4N Purity.

Cremation Diamond.

LONITÉ cremation diamonds are created using hair and the cremation ashes of loved ones and cherished pets.


diamond seed

carbon purity


99.99% pure (4N purity) carbon, the elements of life.


No heavy metals, artificial colorings, or unstable chemicals.


Natural diamonds are used as the essential seed crystal; no use of CVDs.


A Brilliant Diamond out of a Brilliant Life