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Memorial Diamond Rings

Cremation Diamond Rings - Customize your precious cremation diamond ring by choosing your favourite design, color, and material from LONITÉ™’s extensive collection available for both men and women.


Cremation Rings for Your Memorial Diamond

Explore Our Collection of Cremation Rings from Ashes

Cremation jewelry rings made from human or pet ashes are more than just a piece of jewelry; they are a perfect embodiment of the physical connection you shared with your loved-one, a symbolic of the beautiful life they lived and how positively they have impacted the lives of those that chanced to make an acquaintance.

At Lonité, our goal is to craft personalized cremation jewelry rings from ashes that are as exceptional as the memorial diamond itself. Each ring is a tribute to the unique essence of your cherished departed. Our collection showcases a diverse array of designs, including Solitaire, Halo, Modern, Vintage and Roman Numeral styles. These designs are available in a range of sizes and materials, spanning yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold, catering to both men and women.

Cremation Jewelry: Personalized Support for Your Journey

Selecting Cremation Jewelry Rings from Ashes

Choosing the right cremation diamond from ashes and the accompanying cremation jewelry is a deeply personal decision. We recognize and value the individuality of these choices, understanding the profound significance they hold for our clients and their families. To ensure a seamless experience, we have established a dedicated global customer service team. This team is here to assist you throughout the cremation diamond crafting process, aid you in your selection of cremation jewelry from ashes, and provide guidance tailored to your country of residence.

Should you have inquiries, our dedicated customer service representatives are just a call away. Feel free to reach out directly or leave a message for a personalized callback. At Lonité, we are committed to helping you discover the perfect design that aligns with your preferences, ensuring that your chosen cremation jewelry harmoniously complements your cremation diamond. Together, we'll create cherished memories that truly resonate.

Cost of Cremation Jewelry for Your Diamond from Ashes

To assist you, our committed customer service team will provide comprehensive guidance on pricing. This ensures you can confidently select a cremation jewelry ring setting that aligns with both your budget and the unique attributes of your cremation diamond.

Personalized Cremation Jewelry Crafted from Ashes

Bespoke Cremation Jewelry Ring Creations

Diverging from mass-manufactured approaches, our focus lies in partnering with esteemed jewelry artisans worldwide to fashion one-of-a-kind cremation jewelry rings from ashes. These exclusive pieces are meticulously created upon your specific request, ensuring each detail aligns perfectly with your vision.

Should you seek a design not present in our existing collection of cremation jewelry rings from ashes, you have the option to provide us with an image of your desired piece from various sources, including the internet. We engage in thorough discussions to comprehend your vision, expertly translating it into a conceptual design in-house. Once refined, this design is then entrusted to top-tier jewelry artisans, who craft your custom-made cremation jewelry ring with utmost precision and care.

Selecting the Perfect Cremation Jewelry

Discover the Ideal Cremation Jewelry Ring for Your Memorial Diamond

Our Lonité collection of cremation jewelry rings from ashes offers a diverse array of designs, including Solitaire, Halo, Modern, Vintage and Roman Numeral styles. Additionally, simpler designs like the Halo and Solitaire varieties not only offer ease of wear but also enhance the radiance of your cremation diamond from ashes.

We recognize the heartfelt commitment you make to honor your loved one's distinct essence. To further meet your desires, we provide the option of tailor-made cremation jewelry rings. When selecting cremation jewelry from ashes, factors such as size, color, and cut of your memorial diamond must be taken into account. Our dedicated customer service team is here to offer guidance at every step, ensuring you find the perfect match that befits the memory of your departed loved one.

Designing Cremation Jewelry from Ashes

In-House Design and Artistry for Cremation Jewelry

Once our clients have selected and refined their personalized cremation jewelry ring design from ashes, our Lonité design team embarks on the creative process in-house. Subsequently, we collaborate closely with esteemed global jewelry artisans to meticulously craft a cremation jewelry ring that impeccably aligns with our clients' exact specifications.

Should you be drawn to a particular model spotted online, sharing photos of the desired cremation jewelry ring design with us is welcomed. We eagerly engage in discussions regarding the specific attributes of your chosen design, addressing both its advantages and considerations, prior to initiating the crafting of your selected cremation jewelry ring from ashes.


Crafting Unique Cremation Jewelry Designs

Design Your Own Cremation Jewelry Model

We deeply honor your unwavering commitment to immortalizing the legacy of your beloved. With this in mind, our dedicated customer service team stands ready to assist you in translating your ideas into the very cremation jewelry ring you're ordering – tailoring every detail from your favored materials to a design that imparts your cremation diamond from ashes with a singular essence, mirroring that of your cherished departed.

We extend the invitation to explore diverse cremation jewelry ring possibilities, encompassing materials and designs. Some clients opt to engrave the name or initials of their departed loved ones on the inside the ring. Others may prefer the Bezel setting, ensuring their cremation diamond securely nestled within the cremation ring setting.

Cremation Jewelry Rings: The Choice That Matters

A cremation jewelry ring from ashes offers both portability and ease of wear, making it a convenient keepsake. The compact nature of these rings ensures you can keep your cremation diamond from ashes close, even when on the move or relocating, without apprehension of misplacing it.

Throughout history, rings have symbolized love's enduring promises. Similarly, your cremation jewelry ring embodies a genuine connection with your loved one's afterlife. Beyond its immediate significance, a cremation jewelry ring can transcend generations, becoming a cherished heirloom shared during significant family milestones. This perpetuates an eternal legacy, paying homage to your departed loved one's vibrant existence and the treasured memories you hold dear.

Cremation jewelry from ashes settings offer an elegantly simple yet profoundly unique approach to honoring your departed loved one's legacy. Each detail of the chosen setting is meticulously considered to complement your cremation diamond from ashes, capturing the essence of your loved one's life and character. This unbroken connection through your cremation jewelry setting allows for a continued embrace of their presence in their afterlife.


Most prices shown on this page are for 14k white gold rings with a ring size of 7. The ring price does not include the center diamond price and may vary depending on the material and ring size selected.
You can also choose other metals from our wide range of material options including continuum silver, 18k and 14k gold (yellow gold/rose gold/white gold) as well as platinum.
For more details, please contact our customer service.