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Company Story


Swiss Origin

Our Story

​LONITÉ’s story began in a small town near the Alps, 25 minutes train ride south of Zürich, Switzerland, where the company's founders started to ask if you can turn ashes into diamonds.

The company name ‘Lonité’ originates from ‘Longévité’ in Swiss French, translating to last in time. Diamonds after death are one aspect of this idea.

LONITÉ is a trademark of our Swiss company LONITE AG. LONITE AG with its laboratories and scientists is a world leader in cremation diamond technology.

Swiss Origin


What Sets Us Apart

The roots of LONITE AG's technological journey trace back to the early 1950s, an era when visionary scientists uncovered the art of transforming carbon into diamonds using High-Pressure High-Temperature anvils.

At the heart of LONITÉ, our founders emerge as trailblazers in a range of fields essential for crafting memorial diamonds and delivering impeccable services. Drawing from extensive backgrounds in jewelry craftsmanship, the funeral industry, scientific exploration, and diamond artistry, they unite their diverse expertise. Together, they possess the ideal blend of skills necessary to create exquisite cremation diamonds from ashes, offering solace to families in their times of need.


Identification specifics are marked on tracking tags throughout the process.


Improved New Standards

LONITÉ’s improved Standard Operating Procedures (SOP LNT OT95000) were introduced to provide the highest level of control and monitoring. Our internal documentation and management systems keep track of each individual order are improved and refined to create the greatest possible reliability when growing diamonds from cremated remains.


25 Checks at 7 Inspection points

Human hair/ashes or pet fur/ashes are marked with a unique tracking ID and bar code upon arrival. There are seven vital inspection points along the diamond growing process, with a total of 25 checks performed by our trained staff in the different departments. Staff IDs and access dates are logged at every step of the way. All processes are traced. Photos are taken so that you can personally see the care and attention to detail we use in converting your loved ones’ remains into a beautiful cremation diamond you can treasure forever.


Medical-grade, Accurate to 0.001(g)

At the start of the process, hair or cremation ashes of your loved one are carefully and respectfully cleaned with medical-grade sterilization alcohol. The precisely measured amounts of chemical purification agents and catalyst are accurate to three decimal places (0.001g). The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are necessary to increase the cremation diamond’s color, purity, stability and quality.

Tracking ID, name and bar code are attached to containers throughout the process of making diamonds out of ashes. At each transfer or relocation, the information is double checked by staff from both the sending and the receiving departments.

Lonité Swiss Laboratory and Office Tour

Lonité offers its clients the unique opportunity to collect their final order of lab-grown diamonds directly from our global headquarters, in Horgen, Switzerland. By appointment only, clients can immerse themselves in our state-of-the-art lab facilities, gaining insights into our cutting-edge technology and meeting the passionate team behind Lonité. Join us for an exclusive journey to witness the future of diamond creation, where science and beauty intertwine seamlessly.

Our Philosophy

Beyond Diamonds: Our focus isn't just on trading diamonds, but on offering priceless keepsakes.


Eternal Bonds: Our cremation diamonds and jewelry serve as a cherished link, keeping loved ones forever near.


Compassion in Action: Fueled by heartwarming stories, our team is committed to extending solace to families during their times of need.


Christel Groenewald

“I am passionate to help people in need and am touched deeply by stories of their loved ones. A memorial diamond is such a meaningful and beautiful way to honor our loved ones.”


Damian Vega

“Our clients put a great amount of trust in us for handling their loved ones’ remains. That is why our attention is multiplied in everything we do during the process.”


Tracy Highway

“I’ve lost my father and it makes me happy that I can be there to help someone that is grieving. I hope that makes them feel better to be able to create an amazing diamond of their loved ones to keep close to them always.”


Peiwen Zhang

“I believe LONITÉ diamond can act as a memory for someone you have forever loved and will never forget. My goal is to help people in finding another way to honor and remember their loved one.”


Kyoko M

“I will wholeheartedly assist you in turning the cherished memories with your loved ones, whom you will forever cherish and never forget, into reality. Please feel free to consult with us about any small matter. We will spare no effort to shape your precious memories into tangible forms.”


Yukai Su

"Customers entrust the most important carbon source materials. LONITE's service team has the responsibility to safely check, confirm that every step is correct, and then safely deliver the commemorative diamond to the customer. This is my mission. Thank you for your trust."


LONITÉ's Global Team

“Lonité, the premier cremation diamond producer”

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“It’s the stories of Lonité's customers that moved me most”

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“Each diamond comes out unique”

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