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Rings Cremation Jewellery - Cremation jewellery rings are selected after the creation process of your cremation diamond from ashes. After the size of the memorial diamond ordered has been determined and according to your material and design preferences, we, at Lonité, help you find the best fit among our large collection of cremation jewellery rings available in a variety of designs for both men and women.






























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Cremation Jewelry Rings for Your Cremation Diamond
Cremation Jewelry Rings from Ashes Collection

Cremation jewellery rings made from human or pet ashes are more than just a piece of jewellery; they are a perfect embodiment of the physical connection you shared with your loved-one, a symbolic of the beautiful life they lived and how positively they have impacted the lives of those that chanced to make an acquaintance.

Lonité aims at creating custom-designed cremation jewelry rings from ashes as unique as the cremation diamond that celebrates how special your lost loved one was. We create and present our cremation jewellery rings collection in a variety of designs like; 4Prongs round, Asscher, Halo round, Emerald, Halo princess, Heart, Princess or Roman numeral. These are available in all sorts sizes and materials such as yellow gold, rose gold and white for both men and women.

Cremation Jewellery: A Dedicated Customer Service
Cremation Jewellery Rings from Ashes Picking

The cremation diamond from ashes and the cremation jewellery you are considering is a personal decision to make. We understand and appreciate their uniqueness and the special meaning it has for our clients and their families. We have a dedicated customer service team around the world, to guide you through the cremation diamond making, the cremation jewellery from ashes picking and any aspects of the cremation ashes to diamond process in relation to your country of residence.

In case you have some questions, please directly call our dedicated customer service representants or leave a message with a request for a personal call back. Lonité will help you find the right design according to your preferences and to make sure your cremation jewellery from ashes fit harmoniously with your cremation diamond to help you create the most beautiful memories.

Cremation Jewellery Price Factors
Cremation Jewellery Diamond from Ashes Cost

The prices vary according to the cremation jewellery ring setting you have selected for your cremation diamond from ashes. We acknowledge the fact that no amount whatsoever can equate to the memories of your lost loved-one that you hold dear.

Therefore, our dedicated customer service team will guide you through the pricing process, so you can pick a cremation jewellery ring setting that fits within your budget and accordingly to your cremation diamond characteristics.

Taylor-Made Cremation Jewellery From Ashes
Customized Cremation Jewellery Ring

Unlike mass-produced cremation jewellery rings that are manufactured on a large scale, we work closely with top jewellery makers around the globe to produce tailor-made cremation jewellery rings from ashes. These are usually made on our clients’ demand, paying close attention to every detail of your intended requirements.

In case you are looking for a unique design that isn’t listed in our cremation jewellery rings from ashes collection, you can also send us the image of your desired cremation jewellery from the internet or any other sources. We then discuss with you first and work on bringing your imagination to life in-house before providing the design to top jewellery makers, so they can produce your custom-made cremation jewellery ring.

Choose the Right Cremation Jewellery
The Right Cremation Jewellery Ring for Your Cremation Diamond

The Lonité cremation jewellery rings from ashes collection has a variety of designs available, some of which include; 4Prongs round, Asscher, Halo round, Emerald, Halo princess, Heart, Princess and Roman numeral. More simple cremation jewellery ring designs such as the Halo and 4Prongs are easy to wear and give your cremation diamond from ashes a more dazzling effect.

We appreciate the lengths you are willing to go to celebrate the unique persona of your loved-one and for this; we have the provision for custom-made cremation jewellery rings. When choosing a cremation jewellery from ashes, you must consider the size, the color and the cut of your cremation diamond beforehand. Our customer service will guide you along the way to help you find the best fit to honor your departed loved-one as they deserve.

Cremation Jewellery from Ashes Designing
Cremation jewelry in-house designing and craftsmanship

After our clients have chosen and discussed their ideal custom-made cremation jewellery ring from ashes, the Lonité designing team creates the cremation jewellery ring designs in-house before working closely with top jewellery makers around the globe to produce a cremation jewellery ring that fits our clients’ exact description to every last detail.

If you pick interest in a model you have seen on the internet, you can send us the photos of the desired cremation jewellery ring design. We are open to discussing the specific characteristics of the design you will have picked along with its pros and cons before proceeding to craft the cremation jewellery ring from ashes of your choice.

Cremation Jewellery: Design a Unique Model
Cremation Jewellery: Designing My Own Model

We appreciate every last effort you make to ensure that the legacy of your lost loved one lives on for generations to come. Therefore, our customer service team is available to help you incorporate all your ideas into the cremation jewellery ring that you are ordering, from your favorite material to your favorite design which gives your cremation diamond from ashes a unique persona, similar to that of your lost loved-one.

We are open to discuss the available cremation jewellery ring options besides materials and designs. Some of our clients may require having the name or initials of their departed loved-ones engraved in the ring on the inside. Some of our clients may also require using the Bezel technic to have their cremation diamond incorporated in the cremation jewel from ashes, so the stone does not come out of the setting.

Cremation Jewellery From Ashes: The Ring Choice
Why Choose a Cremation Jewellery Ring ?

A cremation jewellery ring from ashes is portable and easy to wear which makes it easy to carry around. Credited by the size of the cremation jewels ring, carrying your cremation diamond from ashes at all time is easier in case there is a need to travel or relocate to a new area without worrying about losing your cremation diamond in the process.

For a long time, rings have been a widely accepted form of love built on promises and continuity, your cremation jewellery ring therefore is a genuine way to embrace the physical connection shared with your loved-one in their afterlife. A cremation jewellery ring can also be passed down to generations or offered during meaningful Life events within the family as an everlasting legacy and a tribute to the beautiful life that your departed loved-one lived and the memories of them that you hold dear.

Cremation jewelry from ashes settings are a simple but very unique way to maintain the legacy of your lost loved one. We pay attention to every last detail chosen for the keepsake jewelry setting to compliment your cremation diamond from ashes thus emulating the beautiful life your loved-one lived and their charming persona. This allows continuity embraced through the physical connection to your loved one in their afterlife that your cremation jewelry setting allows.