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Cremation Jewellery Pendants - With our admirable timeless and large collection of cremation jewellery pendants from ashes, Lonité offers platinum, silver, gold and rose gold materials cremation neckless available for men and women in various unique designs. Lonité is devoted in helping you find the perfect cremation jewellery to complete your cremation diamond in order to beautifully honour your departed loved-ones.


* Chains and pendants are not sold separately

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Pendants Cremation Jewellery
Select your pendant from ashes from our cremation jewellery collection

Lonité brings you a customized, fashionable and a sterling pendant from human or pet ashes collection where different cuts of diamond can fit accordingly. Our cremation jewellery pendants collection is available for men and women in materials like white gold or gold to go with many designs that you can pick to match your preferences.

Diamond Pendants from ashes are available with long and short chains. Our talented team of designers can also customize a unique model for you on demand to be then crafted by top jewellery makers. With a detailed and attentive work, we aim at making your cremation jewellery the best keepsake to commemorate the life of your departed loved-ones.

Cremation Jewellery: A Dedicated Customer Service
Cremation Jewellery: A Customer Service here to guide you

At Lonité, we foster a climate where our customer service team can deliver what our clients want and need. The role of our customer support team is to avail all the necessary information and to guide you through our cremation jewellery collections according to the cremation diamond you have ordered and to your cremation jewellery designs preferences.

Our Customer Service Representants will also guide you in the decisions you make on cremation jewellery with the specification choices, the order process and shipment processor payment terms and conditions. Our goal is to make sure our customers find the best memorial alternative they are looking for to honour the life of their departed loved-ones, as we strive to offer you guidance through the cremation diamond and cremation jewellery process coming along with an emotional support by simply listening to you and your experience.

Cremation Jewellery Price Factors
Pricing of Cremation jewellery

Quality and customer satisfaction are highly embraced at Lonité. Our cremation jewellery prices will vary according to the cremation jewels category you will choose among our rings, pendants from ashes and earrings collections. The cremation jewellery materials, designs and specifications should also be considered.

The cremation jewellery price will be included in your cremation diamond order after discussing the details with our customer service team that will guide you through the process. Some cremation jewellery models as unique as they are, will also impact the price as our clients can also choose a design they were inspired by but does not belong to our collections.

Tailor-Made Cremation Jewellery
Customized Cremation Jewellery: Pendants, Rings or Earrings

Customers have a right to ask for whatever specifications of ashes necklace or any other cremation jewellery categories they desire to honour their loved-ones the best way. To do so, we, at Lonité, are proud of our craftmanship and we aim to create unique designs, customized according to your needs and to your cremation diamond.

We closely work with top Jewellery makers partners, all specialist in their own area, instead of mass-producing in factories. Quality over quantity is what also makes our cremation jewellery as unique as the cremation diamond you will dedicate to your departed loved-one.

Choosing a Cremation Jewellery for your departed-ones
How to choose the right cremation jewellery

Before you kick-start the process, take the time to look into our cremation jewellery collections for rings, pendants from ashes and earrings. Our clients also have the possibility to pick a design that does not belong to the Lonité collections. You can choose a design that you saw on the internet or any other sources and send us the photo.

We will then discuss your selected cremation jewellery caracteristics to make sure it fit at best with your cremation diamond. You should also consider the color, the size and the cut of your cremation diamond to choose the right cremation jewellery design either for pendants from ashes, rings or earrings and material, and find the right match according to your preferences.

We design your cremation jewellery in-house
Unique cremation jewellery for a unique cremation diamond

Once our customer service team has discussed with you about your chosen cremation jewellery, we will consult our team of designers to see how we can make your design as unique as possible to you.

We then meet and consult with our partners which are top jewellery makers from around that will look at our designs and then apply a superb craftsmanship to produce your ashes necklace or other selected cremation jewellery pieces.

Cremation Jewellery: The diamond pendant from ashes choice
Why choosing diamond pendants from ashes as your cremation jewellery?

People around the world like to have pendant from ashes cremation jewellery to carry them at all time and anywhere with them. It is also safer to keep your cremation diamond in a cremation jewellery pendant from ashes close to you, moreover close to your heart, so you don’t lose your precious diamond.

It is also a keepsake that you can offer for a meaningful and special Life event like a wedding or a birthday, a precious present to cherish forever. Cremation jewellery like diamond pendants from ashes or rings are often passed on from generation to generation within families to continuously pay tribute to your special person so their legacy can live on.