Company Story


Swiss Origin

The company name ‘Lonité’ originates from ‘Longévité’ in Swiss French, which translates to enjoy a long life.

LONITÉ is the trademark under LONITE AG, Switzerland. LONITE AG’s research laboratory is a world leader specialising in memorial diamond technology. LONITÉ’s story began in a small town near the Alps, 25 minutes' train ride south of Zürich, Switzerland.


The technology base of LONITE AG dates back to the early 1950s, when scientists created the first man-made diamonds using High-Pressure High-Temperature anvils.

The founders of LONITÉ are all leaders in their field of expertise. For years our founders have been involved in the jewellery trade, scientific research, the funeral business, as well as creating beautiful diamonds.

At the very beginning only very small amber and blue diamonds could be created. Today’s advancements in technology have changed all that, meaning diamonds from LONITÉ come in larger sizes and more beautiful colours.

LONITÉ headquarters located 25 minutes from downtown Zürich, Switzerland.

Marking down the identification specifics on to the tracking tag in process

Tracking ID, name and bar code are attached to containers for all intermediate steps. During a transfer or relocation, the information is double checked by staff from both departments.


Improved New Standards

LNT OT95000:2010 LONITÉ’s improved Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were introduced for better control and higher-level monitoring. Our internal documentation and management systems used to keep track of each individual order have been improved and refined for maximum reliability.


25 Checks at 7 Inspection Points

There are seven vital inspection points along the entire diamond growing process, with a total count of 25 checks performed by staff in various departments. Staff IDs and access dates are logged at every step. Hair/ashes are marked with a unique tracking ID and bar code upon arrival. All processes are traced. Photos are taken so that you can personally see the detail to which we work.


Medical-grade, Accurate to 0.001(g)

At the start of the process, hair or ashes are carefully and respectfully cleaned with medical-grade sterilisation alcohol. The weighted amount of catalyst and chemical purification agents are accurate to three decimal places, 0.001g, to ensure precision. The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) now result in the increased stability of a memorial diamond’s colour, purity and quality.

Read the outline and overview of the LONITÉ internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Certificates from Reputable Authorities

The certificates below are from international certification and research institutes (such as the the Gemological Institute Of America), assuring you that LONITÉ diamonds' are 100% genuine.

LONITÉ - LONITE AG, EspañaGIA man-made diamond certificate sample on LONITÉ memorial diamonds from ashes

LONITÉ - LONITE AG, EspañaIGI man-made diamond certificate sample on LONITÉ memorial diamonds from ashes

Certificates on LONITÉ laboratory & diamonds.