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Pets Died And Their Hair And Ashes Can Be A Diamond To Keep With You

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

The Twinkle in Your Beloved Pet's Eyes Can Be Eternalized in a Memorial Diamond
The Twinkle in Your Beloved Pet's Eyes Can Be Eternalized in a Memorial Diamond


  1. Dealing with the Grief in Daily Life

  2. What are the Most Appropriate Farewell Rituals

  3. Pets Cremation Methods and Benefits

  4. How to Turn Ashes into Diamonds?

Nowadays, losing a pet can have a huge impact on a family's daily life. Our lovely pet can no longer welcome us home at the gate, accompany us to take walks, or play with children in the park … The advanced technology enables us to create physical remembrance from the ashes and hair of a pet. Owners can feel their presence through a stunning memorial diamond.

Dealing with the Grief in Daily Life

Losing a pet is never easy. It can be a shocking experience, and the anxiety and grief can be so overwhelming that it might cause an imbalance in daily life. If you have ever lost a pet, you will understand this very well. And the physical and mental reactions vary from person to person.

Knowing the intimate relationship between people and animals, society does not really treat the loss of a dog as something that causes grief and anguish. However, for those who love animals, losing a beloved companion can be extremely painful.

Contrary to what many people think, the moments of mourning in the face of a pet's death are not trivial. It can take months or even years to get over this sense of loss and absence. And the memories of your precious pet will be with you for the rest of your life. Don't feel bad about crying over the death of an animal. It is way to express your love for your pet. They are very precious friends of your life, so it is very important to know how to say goodbye to them.

What Are the Most Appropriate Farewell Rituals

The experience of mourning can rebuild a new life stage without your pet. Feel free to keep photos and souvenirs of your lovely pet. You may think that the best way to heal the grief of losing a dog is to erase all traces of him from your home, but this is not the case. Keeping the loving memories of your pet can help you cope with the grief, and you can feel closer to them again.

There are many ways to say goodbye, such as holding a funeral to honor your pet as a farewell ceremony or creating memorial jewelry to honor your deceased pet. Holding a funeral for your pet to honor it can be a way to help you cope with the grief. Crying when you want to and honestly expressing the loneliness of pet loss is also a good way to heal your sorrow. Creating a beautiful memorial diamond from your pet's ashes or hair is one way to always be close to your pet.

Pets Cremation Methods and Benefits

Lighting Candles Annually for the Deceased Is a Way to Light Their Passage
Lighting Candles Annually for the Deceased Is a Way to Light Their Passage

Pets owners need to properly dispose of their remains. There are several ways, but the most popular one is cremation. This sustainable and practical process will allow you to have a peaceful and serene goodbye.

Pets cremation follows a process very similar to that of human cremation. The owner can hold a farewell ceremony for the animal that includes elements such as photos, music, and flowers. This helps to better deal with grief in a less painful way. It would be like a kind of wake.

In addition to being ecologically correct, non-polluting, and sustainable, cremating the pets’ remains is not as widely practiced as it is for humans. The decision to cremate gives your loyal friend a dignified farewell. Cremation is a great way to honor them and remind them how special they were to you.

How to Turn Ashes into Diamonds?

Unlike the natural geological process, which takes place deep in the earth, artificial production uses industrial machinery to replicate the high pressure, high temperature environment in which natural diamonds are generated. Starting with carbon extracted from ash, the material is placed in a HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) equipment. This generates the graphite that, after being cleaned, will be the base of the diamond. In a way, the process is the same as in nature, but it happens more quickly. The production process may take about six months.

A Memorial Diamond after Cutting
A Memorial Diamond after Cutting

The chemical composition of each memorial diamond is unique - since the ashes and hair, present the particularities of the deceased pet. Although artificial, the product offers the same properties as a natural diamond. The diamond is cut and polished according to customers’ demands. After a delicate process, the diamond can be made into cremation diamond jewelry. This piece of jewelry will be the best memento for your loved pet.

Losing a pet is a very painful experience, turn its ashes or hair into a diamond and keeping it with you forever is a good way to say goodbye to your lovely friend.

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