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Pet Cremation and Memorial Services in Japan

Updated: Nov 17, 2022


What Are the Different Types of Pet Cremation?

In Japan these days, most people choose cremation. What if a dog or a cat dies? In fact, more and more pet owners choose to cremate their pets as well. Pet funeral homes and local governments can hold pet cremation. Incidentally, there are no specific legal requirements regarding pet cremation and burial. However, it is better to cremate or bury your pet as soon as possible.

There are four popular methods of pet cremation. Which one you choose will depend not only on the pet owner's wishes but also on the cost of pet cremation. Let's take a look at the four pet cremation options.

1. Individual Cremation with the Owner’s Presence

This funeral service is the same as a human body cremation. Pet funeral homes or companies handle pet cremation. When the pet cremation is completed, the pet remains are picked up and placed in an urn. The owner can take part of them home, and the remaining are buried in a cemetery. This pet cremation allows you to say goodbye to your pet step by step. But it is the most expensive of the four in terms of cost.

2. Individual Cremation without the Owner’s Presence

The pets are cremated one by one through this funeral service, without the owner’s presence. In most cases, the pet funeral home will come to pick up the dog or cat, but the owner may also bring the pet to the crematorium. Some plans offer a discount if the owner brings the pet to the cremation place. Most pet funeral homes provide a paper casket, but some pet funeral homes provide a paulownia wooden casket.

At the crematorium, the pet funeral home staff cremates the pet, picks it up, and brings the remains back to its owners. This pet cremation funeral service is suitable for those who have difficulty in transporting the pet's remains or going to the crematorium or find it emotionally difficult to pick up the remains.

Memorial Grave of a Beloved Pet
Memorial Grave of a Beloved Pet

3. Mass Cremation

This is a funeral service in which multiple pets are cremated together. In this pet cremation, you cannot pick up the remains of your pet. Therefore, it is regrettable that you cannot have the remains back in an urn or burial in a separate grave. The price is affordable for people who don't have many budgets for pet funerals. Your dog or cat will not be lonely in heaven by mass cremation.

4. Home Cremation

This is a funeral service in which a vehicle equipped with pet cremation equipment is driven to your home. The pet's remains are cremated at home in the parking lot or at a suitable place nearby.

Many funeral homes offer this pet cremation service 24 hours a day, so the funeral can be held in the morning or evening. This funeral service is recommended for people with busy schedules, especially if the funeral home or crematorium is far away, or if the owner has difficulty arranging for a car to transport the pet's body. Since personal pet funerals are less expensive than using a crematorium, they are also more accessible to those who are cost conscious.

How Much Does Pet Cremation Cost?

Next, let's look at the cost of cremating a pet. The cost varies by pet funeral homes or pet cemeteries, but in general, the price depends on whether a crematorium is used and how the funeral is conducted. The cost also varies depending on the size of the dog or cat pet. It is a good idea to get quotes from several pet funeral homes and pet cemeteries.

In order of lowest cost for pet cremation, mass cremation → home cremation → Individual cremation without the owner’s presence →Individual cremation with the owner’s presence.

Price classification by pet size (in descending order); ~5kg or less → ~10kg or less → ~20kg or less → 40kg or less → 40kg or more.

The low price for ~5kg or less is about 95 USD (12,000 JPY) and the high price for 40kg or more is about 535 USD (68,000 JPY).

The cost of pet cremation is important. You can estimate the cost of a pet funeral by considering the prices of memorial services, such as putting the pet remains in an urn, keeping part of the remains as a personal memorial keepsake, or making a memorial diamond to wear, etc. Then calculate the overall cost.

How to Commemorate Your Pet?

Watch the Beautiful Scenery on the Mountain with Your Beloved Dog
Watch the Beautiful Scenery on the Mountain with Your Beloved Dog

Now, the next step after your pet's cremation is a burial or memorial service.

In a mass cremation, your pet's ashes are placed in the pet cemetery along with the ashes of other pets, so you can visit the cemetery. If the ashes are buried in your yard, you can look into your yard at any time and remember your pet.

Now, however, many people choose to keep the ashes of a beloved dog or cat at home, and there are many different ways to conduct a memorial service. Here are some of the memorial services available.

1. A Memorial Ceremony at Hand (Cremation and Leaving the Cremated Remains in an Urn)

In-hand memorial service (cremation and leaving the cremated remains in an urn)

In a typical memorial ceremony with a burial, the cremated remains of a pet are placed in an urn. Urns come in a variety of sizes and designs, so some people place the urn in the living room rather than in the space of a Buddhist altar.

Some people place the entire ashes in an urn, while others bury the ashes in a grave or place them in a cemetery and place some of them in a miniature urn as a handmade memorial keepsake.

2. Cremation Diamonds

"Pet cremation diamonds" are memorial diamonds made from the ashes of pets.

Lonité™ creates a memorial diamond by first extracting carbon from the remains, ashes or furs of a deceased pet. The carbon is then refined and the diamond is cultivated in a high pression and high temperature environment.

The finished memorial diamond is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is the rebirth of a beloved pet. A pet memorial diamond is one-of-a-kind. You can feel your beloved cat or dog's breath through the luster of the memorial diamond.

3. Cremation Diamond Jewelry

Memorial diamonds are created from the remains of a pet. This is why memorial diamonds are called diamond burial. Memorial diamonds can be transformed into jewelry. Wearing memorial diamond jewelry will make you feel like you are always with your beloved pet.

In addition, Lonité™ offers the following cremation diamond jewelry made from pet remains:

  • Pendants

  • Rings

  • Earrings

There are continuum silver, 18k and 14k gold (yellow gold/rose gold/white gold) as well as platinum available. All of them have a beautiful materials that go well the memorial diamonds.

Lonité™ offers around 40 different designs to match the unique characteristics of your pet memorial diamonds. But if you would like to design your own, our designers can help to match your pet memorial diamonds.

Diamond funerals, in which a memorial diamond is created, are popular as the most beautiful funeral service or memorial service in the world, as it is possible to combine a funeral and a memorial service.

There are four types of pet cremation, with costs varying depending on the size and style of the pet. The diamond funeral, which produces a diamond from the remains, is a popular funeral service that allows you to have a memorial service with the funeral, and you can always wear it if it is made into memorial diamond jewelry.

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