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A symbol of enduring love that shimmers

with the essence of your cherished one.

Eternalize your most precious moments

within the heart of a LONITÉ creation.

Unique Cremation Jewellery

Made for Your Story

Discover the latest additions to our signature collections. Lonité aims at creating custom-designed cremation jewelry rings from ashes as unique as the cremation diamond that celebrates how special your lost loved one was.

​​​Roman Numerals Bezel Set Diamond Ring

​​Roman Numerals Bezel Set Diamond Ring


Channel Set Shank Solitaire Diamond Bypass Ring

​Channel Set Shank Solitaire Diamond Bypass Ring
​Pavé Diamond Flower Stud Earrings

Pavé Diamond Flower Stud Earrings

​Rabbit Ear Princess Cut Diamond Kite Pendant

Rabbit Ear Princess Cut Diamond Kite Pendant



A testament to eternal connections,  adorn you with the spirit of your loved one, capturing their essence within the brilliance of LONITÉ craftsmanship.

LONITÉ accompanies you in the process of remembrance and offers you the possibility to turn the remains of your loyal companion (ashes or fur) into a brilliant diamond. A memorial keepsake that you may carry forever close to your heart. Pick the color, the cut, the weight (carat) and the jewelry of your choice according to your preferences and the characteristics that best represent your beloved pet.

Shine a bright light on your memories with your beloved pet by turning your furry friend into a magnificent memorial diamond and keep an eternal souvenir.

A Brilliant Memorial for Your Furry Friend


​Memorial Diamonds For Pets

The Science Behind Making Everlasting Memories

Each order is unique. So is our process to turn your beloved pet into a diamond. Our HPHT machines can process only one order at a time, contrary to the CVD method that is able to mass produce lab-grown diamonds and therefore can contain many diamond seeds at a time in the core of the machine. This is one of the reasons why one memorial diamond for pets can take between 5 to 18 months to make from start to finish, logistics and delivery included. The exact duration will also depend on the selected diamond’s characteristics, some lab-grown diamond colors requiring more technical efforts than some others. 

The Science Behind Making Everlasting Memories

Are memorial diamonds real? Can pet ashes or fur be turned into a sparkling diamond? 

Yes, memorial diamonds are real diamonds and yes, it is possible to turn the remains of your pets into a brilliant diamond. LONITÉ™ recreates and simulates in its state of the art laboratory the natural underground conditions a diamond needs to grow, thanks to its technology HPHT (high pressure, high temperature). 


Lonité headquarters are located in the beautiful and dynamic city center of Zurich, Switzerland

Official Member of the Swiss National Funeral Services Association, for a funeral service that is fair, serious and honest as a counsellor and accompanist to the bereaved families.


Swiss Origin

The company name ‘Lonité’ originates from ‘Longévité’, a word from the Swiss official languages, Swiss French, which translates to last in time.

With its headquarters located in the beautiful and dynamic city of Zürich, Switzerland, the technological origins of LONITÉ cremation diamonds date back to the early 1950s.

We are committed to handling every single step of the cremation ashes to diamonds process solemnly, with the respect, discretion and empathy that it deserves.

Steps to Place an Order

Turn Your Beloved Pets’ Ashes into Diamonds

  1   Fill in the Order Form.

  2   Send the pet’s ashes to Lonité.

  3   Pay 50% as a deposit.

Required Amount

Pets Cremated Ashes and Fur

To turn your pet’s ashes into a diamond, the below quantity of ashes or fur are required.

To inquire a pet memorial diamond in your country, please contact your local or regional Lonité branch office directly:

8 oz / 200 g

Pets’ Cremation Ashes

10 oz / 300 g

Pets’ Cremation Bones

0.4 oz / 10 g

Pets’ Fur

Why Turn Pets Ashes or Fur into Diamonds?

For an Eternal Souvenir

Our pets are like family, they live their lives by our sides for years providing great companionship, loyalty and most importantly unconditional love. Therefore, they deserve a magnificent send off and a warm goodbye.

Memorial Diamonds are usually set into a piece of memorial jewelry such as: rings, pendants or a pair of earrings enabling you to keep your beloved departed pet close at all times.

A beautiful memorial for pets owners to carry close to their heart.


An innovative and more affordable post-cremation option.


A unique way to celebrate the love and companionship of our pets.


An eco-friendlier burial alternative than traditional cemetery burials.


Diamond Color

white colour or colourless cremation diamonds

Purely Colourless™

blue colour cremation diamonds

Fancy colors
(Pink, Blue)

red colour memorial diamonds

Fancy Colors *
(Green, Red, Black)

amber colour memorial diamonds

Naturally Amber™