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Turn your Pets’ Ashes into Diamonds

Pets’ ashes into diamonds; also known as cremation diamonds are lab grown diamonds created from the cremated ashes or fur of your beloved departed pet.

LONITÉ™ based in Switzerland, offers you the possibility to turn your pets’ ashes into beautiful everlasting diamonds. Pets’ ashes to diamonds are made of 200g (8 oz) of cremation ashes or 10 g (0.4 oz) of the pets’ fur, by using an HPHT technology in our state-of-the-art Swiss laboratory. All of our Pets’ ashes into diamonds more commonly known as Cremation Diamonds are GIA and IGI certified diamonds made from pets’ ashes.

An unpolished amber LONITÉ memorial diamond from ashes made out of human cremated remains or hair.

Pets’ Ashes into Diamonds Available in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada

Pets’ ashes into diamonds service available worldwide for all kinds of pets such as; dogs, cats, horses and birds.

The process of transforming your pets’ ashes into diamonds takes between 6 to 9 months, depending on the size, color and cut of your pet’s ashes into diamonds.

From Pets’ Ashes to Diamonds

Options, Prices and Cremation Diamonds Process

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I. Introduction: Cremation Diamonds from Pets’ Ashes and Pets Fur

Can Pets’ Ashes Be Turned into Diamonds?

Yes, you can now turn your furry friends’ ashes into diamonds. LONITÉ™ recreates a High Pressure and High Temperature (HPHT) environment to turn pets’ ashes into diamonds, similarly to the natural underground setting a diamond needs to grow. One pets’ ashes into diamond can take between 6 to 9 months to make from the order procedure until the delivery to the client. The exact duration will depend on the pets’ ashes into diamonds’ characteristics selected. Although purification takes approximately 5,000 minutes for each cremation diamond ordered, the exact duration will depend on the pets’ ashes into diamonds’ characteristics selected.

For more information about LONITÉ cremation diamonds in the US, download our catalogue here below.


Swiss Origin

The company name ‘Lonité’ originates from ‘Longévité’, a word from the Swiss official languages, Swiss French, which translates to last in time.

With its headquarters located in the beautiful and dynamic city of Zürich, Switzerland, the technological origins of LONITÉ cremation diamonds date back to the early 1950s.

We are committed to handling every single step of the cremation ashes to diamonds process solemnly, with the respect, discretion and empathy that it deserves.

LONITE AG, headquarters

Official Member of the Swiss National Funeral Services Association, for a funeral service that is fair, serious and honest as a counselor and accompanist to the bereaved families.

LONITE AG, headquarters

LONITÉ headquarters

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Size Options – Turn Pets’ Ashes into Diamonds

Sizes – Cremation Diamonds from pets ‘ashes

Size demo

memorial diamond 0.25 carat
(3.8 mm)
cremation diamond 0.35 carat
(4.2 mm)
memorial diamond 0.45 carat
(4.8 mm)
cremation diamond 0.60 carat
(5.0 mm)
memorial diamond 0.80 carat
(6.0 mm)
cremation diamond 1.50 carat
(6.6 mm)
cremation diamond 1.50 carat
(7.3 mm)
cremation diamond 2.00 carat
(8.0 mm)

Shape Options – Turn Pets’ Ashes into Diamonds

Cuts – Cremation Diamonds from Pets’ Ashes

brilliant cut display of LONITÉ memorial diamonds from hair or cremation ashes
emerald cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamonds from hair and human ashes
radiant cut display of LONITÉ memorial diamonds from cremation ashes and hair
asscher cut display of LONITÉ cremation diamonds from ashes and cremated remains
princess cut display of LONITÉ memorial diamonds from cremated ashes and cremains

Colour Options – Turn Pets’ Ashes into Diamonds

Colours – Cremation Diamonds from Pets’ Ashes

image of pendants

Cremation Jewellery

Cremation Jewellery rings, pendants or earrings, choose among our large and unique cremation jewellery collection or custom design your own cremation jewellery to carry your pets ‘ashes into diamonds with you at all time.

 * You can also choose a cremation jewellery model you saw on the internet. You can send us photos of the desired design and we will discuss its specific characteristics before proceeding to craft the pet’s cremation diamond and its setting altogether.

Cremation Jewellery Order

Customers from the US, Canada, the UK and Australia may approach their closest country Lonité branch office to custom design their own cremation jewellery for pets’ ashes into diamonds, with the help and the guidance of our dedicated customer service team.

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Cremation Diamonds Technology

The element of Carbon (C) accounts for 18% of any animals’ bodies, which makes turning human ashes into cremation diamonds possible since a diamond is in fact crystallized carbon. Natural diamonds grow in an environment of extreme pressure and high temperature deep in the earth mantle over millions of years.

We at LONITÉ, work at recreating these high pressure and high temperatures natural environments in our laboratory over a period of 6 to 9 months, necessary to the growth of pets’ ashes to diamonds which colors and sizes may vary according to the number of elements present in the ashes and also according to your choice, as some of these elements may be removed to produce certain cremation diamonds colors.

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Turning Pets’ Ashes into Diamonds

Certification – Cremation Diamonds from Pets’ Ashes
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